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User settings

In addition of common settings, AlpineQuest provides to users the ability to tweak few more advanced behaviors.

These advanced settings must be placed in a file called “user_settings.conf”, saved inside the application folder (usually “/sdcard/alpinequest/”).

List of main user settings

Name Type Description Default value
core.logs.verbose Boolean Activate the verbose mode for logs to display more information 0 / false
core.custom_location_printer String Define a custom coordinate format empty
core.custom_location_printer_format [ xy, d, dm, dms ] Define a custom coordinate format display empty
core.bearing_decimals Integer Define the number of decimals for bearing units 2
Main map
map.buttons.offset_y Integer Y pixels offset for the display of zoom buttons 0
map.canvas.high_res Boolean Stop zoom levels such as the maps are displayed in high-resolution (for high-density screens only) 1 / true
map.open_with.z Integer Zoom value passed to Google Maps and Earth when opening a location 17
map.canvas.smooth_end_move Boolean Define if the map continues to move a little after ending sliding it 1 / true
landmarks.painter.icons_factor Float Display size factor for landmark icons 1.0
landmarks.explorer.display_full_bearing Boolean Display the full bearing to waypoint values in addition of the direction arrow in the Landmarks Explorer 0 / false
landmarks.features.offlinelandmarks .formats.gpx.full_export Boolean Write additional custom values in GPX files such as pressure or accuracy values 0 / false
landmarks.features.offlinelandmarks .open_file_auto_choice [ 0, 1, 2 ] Force the choice when browsing a landmarks file (0: ask the user, 1: browse content, 2: display content) 0
maps.features.onlinemaps.use_all_levels Boolean Use all levels of built-in stored maps (some are disabled to save storage space) 0 / false
maps.features.areadownloader.max_queue_size Integer Maximum tiles to download per session in the store area feature 7500
geolocation.localisation.lock_map Boolean Re-center the map on the GPS location after 10 seconds without user interactions 1 / true

Example file