Online Help

Using the map

How to copy/share screen center coordinates?

  • Click on the screen center icon and on “Open with…;
  • Select “Share… to list all applications installed on your device that can handle a text.

The list will differ on your device depending on what applications are installed.

  • Depending on the choices you have, select a desired action like “Copy to clipboard to copy the coordinates, “Email to send them by email or “Messages to send them by text message.


How to lock the map from touch gestures

In order to temporarily disable touch gestures on the map, you can:

  • Click on the main menu icon and on “Lock screen;
  • A lock icon is displayed to confirm that the map is currently locked.

To unlock the map, you can either:

  • Click on the “Back” button of your device if it has hardware buttons;
  • Long-press one volume button (either “Volume up” or “Volume down”) until the lock icon disappears.