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How to sort waypoints?

Waypoints can be sorted in different ways in the landmarks explorer and in the displayed landmarks list.

You can only sort waypoints set. Ordered list like routes and tracks cannot be sorted.

Landmarks Explorer

Once waypoints are displayed, click on their category icon .

You can see that a context menu is available for this item based on the small black down arrow displayed.

In the context menu, choose the sorting:

  • None : waypoints are not sorted (order in file preserved);
  • Name : waypoints are sorted based on their names;
  • Distance : waypoints are sorted based on their distances from the current center screen location.


Displayed Landmarks list

Click on the Landmarks menu item and select “Displayed landmarks”.

  • In the displayed landmarks list, click on a waypoints set ;
  • Long-press any waypoint , or click on its icon;
  • In the context menu, select the sorting .