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User settings

In addition to common settings, the application provides an extended set of settings allowing to tweak it even more.

These advanced settings must be placed in a file called “user_settings.conf”, saved inside the application folder (usually “/sdcard/OfflineMaps/”).

Be sure to use the last version so all settings are available.

You must restart the application after changing any of these settings.

List of main user settings

Name Type Description Default value
core.logs.verbose Boolean Activate the verbose mode for logs to display more information 0 / false
core.locale String Force a language [ en, es, fr, it, ko ] empty
core.custom_location_printer [ grid, xy, d, dm, dms ],String Define a custom coordinate format empty
core.bearing_decimals Integer Define the number of decimals for bearing units 2 String Define how to name picture taken with the application (see accepted patterns here) yyyy-MM-dd_HH-mm-ss
Main map
map.coordinates.main.color String Define the display color of the main coordinate format, display and grid (see accepted colors here) #000000
map.coordinates.alternative.color String Define the display color of the alternative coordinate format, display and grid (see accepted colors here) #0000FF
map.buttons.offset_y Integer Y pixels offset for the display of zoom buttons 0
map.open_with.z Integer Zoom value passed to Google Maps and Earth when opening a location 17
map.canvas.smooth_end_move Boolean Define if the map continues to move a little after ending sliding it 1 / true
map.canvas.display_center_icon Boolean Display the center screen icon 1 / true
map.canvas.display_copyrights Boolean Display maps data copyright notice on the map 1 / true
map.canvas.display_osm_zoom_id Boolean Display the OSM/Google equivalent zoom level id with the map scale 0 / false
maps.features.areadownloader.max_queue_size Integer Maximum tiles to download per session in the store area feature 50000
landmarks.painter.icons_factor Float Display size factor for landmark icons 1.0
landmarks.explorer.display_full_bearing Boolean Display the full bearing to waypoint values in addition of the direction arrow in the Landmarks Explorer 0 / false
landmarks.features.offlinelandmarks .formats.gpx.full_export Boolean Write additional custom values in GPX files such as pressure or accuracy values 0 / false
landmarks.features.offlinelandmarks .formats.gpx.geoidheight_export Boolean Export geoidheight data in saved GPX files 0 / false
geolocation.localisation.lock_map Boolean Re-center the map on the GPS location after 10 seconds without user interactions 1 / true
geolocation.localisation .painter.color_accurate String Color used to draw the current location when accurate (see accepted colors here) #0064ff
geolocation.localisation .painter.color_inaccurate String Color used to draw the current location when not accurate (see accepted colors here) #e30000
geolocation.localisation.egm96_adjustment.[provider] Boolean Adjust provided WGS84 elevations to Geoid elevations using the EGM96 model for [provider] (ex: “gps”, “passive”) 1 / true for provider “gps”, 0 / false otherwise

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