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How to create a waypoint?

  • Move the map center icon over the location where you want to create your waypoint and click on it;
  • Click on Waypoint just under Create a landmark…;
  • If desired, type a name in the Name text field;
  • If desired, change the folder in which to save the waypoint;
  • If desired, change other properties like the color or the icon by clicking on More… ;
  • Click on Ok to validate;
  • The waypoint is saved and displayed on the map .


How to edit a waypoint?

To edit the properties of an existing waypoint:

  • Click on the waypoint displayed on the map, and on its name ;
  • In the menu, click on:
    • Edit color to quickly change it's color;
    • Edit details to edit all properties;
    • Delete to permanently delete it.

To move a waypoint to the map center location:

  • Click on Edit details ;
  • Click on the current waypoint coordinates ;
  • Select the Screen center coordinates ;
  • Click on Ok to validate.