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Google Play issues

I have just purchased the application on Google Play, but the download doesn't start or failed. What can I do?

Unfortunately this is a Google Play issue, which is sometimes overloaded, and we have no control over this automated process.

Google Play will however remember that you have purchased the application and you won't have to pay again.

The only thing to do is to wait few minutes for the download to start. If you think it's something else, contact us by e-mail.

I have bought the application using a first Google Account, and I would like to transfert it to another one. Is it possible?

Unfortunately it's not possible. We do not have any control on user accounts, and even Google is not able to do it.
You can however use applications from various accounts at the same time, see here.

I have a new phone/device, can I use the paid version of the application on it without paying again?


All purchased applications are linked to the Google Account of your device, you just have to use the same Google Account on your new phone, and you will be able to re-install all your paid applications for free.

I have used the same Google Account on my new phone/device, how can I re-install the application

Start the Google Play application and go into your applications list. You should see all your previously purchased applications and be able to re-install them without paying again.

If you don't see the application, check that:

  • You are using the same Google Account you used when buying the application;
  • You didn't cancel your order, ask for a refund or receive an automated refund;
  • You were using the paid version of the application;
  • You have a working Internet data access.

Finally, you can send us your order number so we can check its status.

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