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-<sub>[[en:help|Online Help]] > [[en:help:maps|Maps & Layers]]</sub> 
-====== How to select another map? ====== 
-The application comes with a lot of different maps that fits various uses and area types. To change the displayed map: 
-  * Click on the "''**Maps**''" menu {{:icon_01.png?nolink}} and select "''**Available maps**''" {{:icon_02.png?nolink}}; 
-  * The list of all currently installed on-demand maps is displayed; 
-  * Select any other maps from the list {{:icon_03.png?nolink}}; 
-  * The list is closed and the selected map displayed {{:icon_04.png?nolink}}. 
-{{:icon_help.png?nolink}} In order to quickly switch between different maps, you can use [[en:help:maps:favorite-sets|favorite maps]]. 
-{{:icon_help.png?nolink}} In addition to the maps available by default, you can [[en:help:maps:stored:install|add maps from the community maps list]]. 
-{{ :en:help:maps:stored:change-map.jpg?nolink }}