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 {{ :en:help:maps:stored:change-map.jpg?nolink }} {{ :en:help:maps:stored:change-map.jpg?nolink }}
 +====== How to add another map as a layer? ======
 +Instead of simply selecting a new map as explained above, you can also add a new map over the current one (so both maps are displayed together):
 +  * In the list of your maps, long-press the map to add {{:icon_01.png?nolink}} or click on its menu icon {{:icon_02.png?nolink}};
 +  * Select ''"**Add as layer"**'' {{:icon_03.png?nolink}};
 +  * The new map (top map) is displayed over the current one (bottom map), you can change it's opacity {{:icon_04.png?nolink}} to make the top or bottom map more or less visible.
 +{{ :en:help:maps:stored:add-as-layer.jpg?nolink }}