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-<sub>[[en:help|Online Help]] > [[en:help:maps|Maps & Layers]]</sub> 
-====== How to correct offset error of some maps over China? ====== 
-Following Chinese regulation, most maps (including Google Maps and Bing Maps) are intentionally distorted over China and will not match satellite images (as shown in {{:icon_01.png?nolink}}) or your current GPS location. 
-The application is able to correct this distortion: 
-  * Tap on the "''**Maps**''" {{:icon_02.png?nolink}} menu icon; 
-  * Tap on "''**Options**''" {{:icon_03.png?nolink}}; 
-  * Check "''**Correct offsets over China**''" {{:icon_04.png?nolink}}. 
-{{:icon_help.png?nolink}} This option is only visible when you are displaying a map over China. 
-{{ :en:help:maps:china-offset.jpg?nolink }}