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     * ''"​**Edit details**"''​ {{:​icon_04.png?​nolink}} to edit all properties;     * ''"​**Edit details**"''​ {{:​icon_04.png?​nolink}} to edit all properties;
     * ''"​**Delete**"''​ {{:​icon_05.png?​nolink}} to permanently delete it.     * ''"​**Delete**"''​ {{:​icon_05.png?​nolink}} to permanently delete it.
 +To move a waypoint to the map center location:
 +  * Click on ''"​**Edit details**"''​ {{:​icon_04.png?​nolink}};​
 +  * Click on the current waypoint coordinates {{:​icon_06.png?​nolink}};​
 +  * Select the ''"​**Screen center coordinates**"''​ {{:​icon_07.png?​nolink}};​
 +  * Click on ''"​**Ok**"''​ {{:​icon_08.png?​nolink}} to validate.
 {{ :​en:​help:​landmarks:​local:​waypoint-edit.jpg?​nolink }} {{ :​en:​help:​landmarks:​local:​waypoint-edit.jpg?​nolink }}

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