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 <​sub>​[[en:​help|Online Help]] > [[en:​help:​faq|FAQ]]</​sub>​ <​sub>​[[en:​help|Online Help]] > [[en:​help:​faq|FAQ]]</​sub>​
 ====== OfflineMaps FAQ ====== ====== OfflineMaps FAQ ======
-===== Google Play issues =====+\\
-==== I have just purchased the application on Google ​Play, but the download doesn'​t start or failed. What can I do? ====+===== I have just purchased the application on the Play Store, but the download doesn'​t start or fails =====
-Unfortunately this is a Google Play issue, which is sometimes overloaded, ​and we have no control over this automated process.+This is a Google Play issue and unfortunately there is nothing ​we can do in this case. You just need to wait some time and the download will start. If the problem persists, you can contact [[https://​support.google.com/​googleplay/​contactflow?​hl=en|the Google Play support]].
-Google Play will however remember that you have purchased the application and you won't have to pay again.+\\
-The only thing to do is to wait few minutes for the download to start. If you think it's something elsecontact us by e-mail.+===== I have a new devicecan I install the complete version without paying again? =====
-==== I have bought ​the application using a first Google ​Account, and I would like to transfert it to another oneIs it possible? ====+You need to reuse the same Google ​account on your new device. Then open the Play Store applicationclick on the top/left menu, select "My Apps & Games" ​and all your purchased applications will be listed in the "​Library"​ tab.
-Unfortunately it's not possible. We do not have any control on user accounts, and even Google is not able to do it.\\ +\\
-You can however use applications from various accounts at the same time, [[http://​www.technipages.com/​android-add-google-play-apps-other-account|see here]].+
 +===== I want to re-install the complete version on my device but the Play Store ask me to pay again =====
-==== I have a new phone/​device,​ can I use the paid version of the application ​on it without paying again? ====+Be sure that: 
 +  * You are using the same Google account you used when you purchased ​the application
 +  * You didn't cancel your order, asked for a refund or received an automated refund.
-Yes.+If you have any doubt, contact us by email with your Google Play purchase order ID so we can check its status.
-All purchased applications are linked to the Google Account of your device, you just have to [[https://​support.google.com/​googleplay/​answer/​113410?​hl=en|use the same Google Account]] on your new phone, and you will be able to re-install all your paid applications for free.+\\
-==== I have used the same Google ​Account on my new phone/​device,​ how can I re-install the application ​====+===== Is is possible to transfer ​the application from one Google ​account to another =====
-Start the Google Play application and go into your applications listYou should see all your previously purchased applications and be able to re-install them without paying again.+Unfortunately notGoogle doesn'​t allow it yet.
-If you don't see the application,​ check that: +\\
-  * You are using the same Google Account you used when buying the application;​ +
-  * You didn't cancel your order, ask for a refund or receive an automated refund; +
-  * You were using the paid version of the application;​ +
-  * You have a working Internet data access.+
-Finallyyou can send us your order number so we can check its status.+===== When trying to make a purchaseI'm getting the message "Not available in your country"​ =====
 +It means you're currently located in a country where the Play Store doesn'​t offer paid application.

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